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Recycle Your Old Electronics with LCRI!

You're committed to "reduce, reuse, recycle". You take the time and effort to make sure that your garbage doesn't harm the earth by ending up in the landfill. But, even when you're careful, you couldn't recycle certain things - such as old cell phones swiss replica blancpain watches uk, dead laptop computers, broken iPhones, iPods, iPads, etc. Until now, that is!

Lewis Clark Recyclers is as passionate about the earth as you are. They don't think that anything should be "unrecycleable". That's why they decided to launch an E-Waste division. LCRI began researching this venture well over two years ago, and started negotiating to acquire the PDQ auto repair portion of LCRI's city block on 3rd & Capital (previously "C" street) in February, 2011. The 8,000 square feet of space required extensive renovations to accommodate LCRI's desire to include "E-waste" as part of its extensive regional recycling services uk iwc pilots replica for men. Now with finishing touches complete, from 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday LCRI accepts over 50 types of electronics. Saturdays are by appointment.

And if HIPPA, FACTA and GBLA requirements for data protection have you worried . . . LCRI has you covered! LCRI's E-waste services also include destruction of media data storage devices.

So pick up your dead iPads, iPods, wireless handsets, cell phones, copy machines, external hard drives, and other electronic devices, and uk swiss luxury fake audemars piguet let LCRI help you bring recycling into the 21st century!

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